Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend Update

Sorry about the lack of blogness yesterday, I was busy.
The long weekend went quite well. Friday I went with my cousins Sean and Melanie to see Pirates 3. It was pretty much as expected. It was surprisingly visually interesting, not just effect-wise. I just have a hard time with Orlando Bloom/his character in pirates and could not help but laugh when appeared on screen as a pirate badass. I was not alone.

Saturday, I helped Ron and Czabrina move into their lovely new condo. And that evening I attended Addy's birthday party. I stuffed myself silly on home-made pizza and other yummy snacks.

Sunday, I went to see the newly built Seattle Art Museum with my Auntie and Uncle. SAM was really nice. It's almost as though Seattle is a real city. I did notice that everyone there was in their Seattle uniforms, fleece zip-ups from North Face or REI with jeans and comfortable shoes. Some things can't be changed. I kind of like the Seattle mentality of always being ready to hit the trail. After that we had a family Pounce (head to head solitaire) competition.

Monday, the family went on a hike to Heather Lake (pictures to be posted if I feel like it). It was a great hike and the snowy lake was a nice payoff for the muddy trek.

A five monkey Memorial Day Weekend.

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