Friday, March 30, 2007

Goodbye, SUCkers!

Sorry about the lame post-age today, I'm busy preparing to go on the Super Happy Family Fun Beach House Vacation tomorrow morning.

We will be driving in my uncle and aunt's, dare I say, 'pimping' new van with captain's seats and a DVD player, (meaning Sean and I will be watching us some Futurama on the way) to Depoe Bay, Oregon. I might also mention that we will stop for our famous milkshake and burger breakfast at Burgerville on the way. Yum.

I have a fantastic week of:

-reading (I have been saving a couple of books that I am desperate to read, along with a Martha Stewart and a National Geographic for a week of reading gluttony.)

-watching zombie movies

-watching some Sci-Fi Channel Original Programming

-watching (boring) documentaries

-watching classic thrillers (got me some Hitchcock) (now I feel obligated to make the easy joke about that being the only cock I am likely to see anytime soon without the intervention of an entire case tequila and at least 5 good looking but inadvisable men-- sailors, marines, Libertarians)

-geocaching (because I am a granola eating, gadget junkie, Seattlite)

-collecting wild succulents (because I am a total dork)

-bopping around to new music (on my partially working iPod)



-storm watching





-board game playing

-but not probably blogging unless the beach house has wireless; and even then maybe not because I will be busy luxuriating in a house that I do not have to vacuum. I hope to start posting again by the 9th... sorry.

Those of you who actually know me can reach me on my cell and I will be checking email (on my cell as well).


DawnOfTheRead said...

Sounds awesome. Have some relaxation for me. I know ECC will be fun, but I have a feeling I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the weekend!

D. Prince said...

Have a fabulous time... by the sounds of it you will.