Thursday, March 29, 2007

I’m not superstitious but…

Some mornings there is a hawk sitting on a light post over I-5 right after I get on the freeway. He is a good looking bird- by my standard; and he always makes me smile. It is amazing to me that some animals adapt to live in a man-made environment.
I look for him every morning.
Some mornings he’s just not there and I worry that he was hit by a car or some other urban danger befell him.
This morning he wasn’t there, but a crow was. I consider this a bad omen.

I am terrified of crows. During my study abroad I experienced some aggressive behavior from the birds. This worried my pastor who warned me that a student had been hospitalized after some crows randomly attacked him as he passed their errr… murder on campus. Thanks for the uplifting words, Pastor!

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