Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maybe I didn't get it?

Last night I watched Little Miss Sunshine and thought to myself, Meh.

Having a series of "unusual" events happen= not good enough. I mean, yes, I see why one might think that this is "funny" but the movie was just flat.

Partially, I think that the movie makers were striving too hard to be arty and different. Maybe shooting for Garden State- Oh I'm funny, arty, and I have a message about family and failure- but fell very very short.

Maybe I was bored as hell because being broke, driving a beater, having parents who have dreams that supersede their interest in their children, depression, and sexually precocious children are all very real to me. Maybe if I had a silver spoon stuck up my ass I might have found the movie hilarious and moving.

Bitches promised me laughs. I guess they got two of them out of me.

It was fine, 3 monkeys. Oscar worthy? No. Worth seeing again? No.


PalinDrome said...

I saw this in the theaters and thought it was the funniest movie of the year hands down. Then I watched it again by myself when it came out on DVD and found myself wondering what the hell I was thinking the first time. At the time I attributed it to be a movie with a low replay value, after further review it could possibly be one of those flicks that benefit from a zeitgeist.

qtilla said...

I think that this movie is like Sideways, if I hadn't heard it was supposed to be hilarious, maybe I would have found it funny.

Is that reverse zeitgeist?

Sidenote: "Ooooooh I'm Paul, I know fancy words! Zeitgeist!"

PalinDrome said...

Why yes. I am Paul and I do know words fancy words. The only problem is that I apparently can not use them correctly. My personal dictionary defined zeitgeist as a group of people that come together and unconsciously effect the world around them. Well apparently the "real" dictionary at Merriam-Webster thinks it means: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

I still think mine is correct and anyone that disagrees with me wants the terrorists to win.

qtilla said...

We here at SUC are pro-terrorist.

Do you think this puts me on some inane homeland security list of the sort that makes it hard for regular folks to ride planes, but does not actually prevent acts of terrorism?

I am very worried about the ineffectualness of our shady government.

Are you reading this, shady goverment offical? Do you find yourself generally ineffectual?