Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boring crap, about which, only Lynn and I care.

So Lynn and I were pondering Hannibal and his elephants. You know the war-elephants, they tried to cross the Alps. Whatever, you either are a dork and know, or you don't know, but I am too lazy to go into it here.
Anyway, Lynn thought they must be Asian elephants because of Alexander the Great. You see he ran into war elephants of the Indian variety. She also believed that African elephants cannot be tamed, while Asian elephants have been tame for thousands of years.
I gave her the tamed point, I certainly had never heard of tamed African elephants. But I also decided that the Indian elephants were Indian because at that point Alexander was in... India. Further, I know that Hannibal was from Carthage- which is in Northern Africa. I also recalled that he sent for elephants from Carthage, so I reasoned that they must be African plains elephants.
We were both wrong. They were African forest elephants, which are extinct, although some distant cousin of that breed, now apparently called African pygmy elephants, is endangered, but not yet extinct.
At any rate, when Lynn came over to discuss this wondrous elephant discovery, she accidentally touched one of Gargoyle Toe's numerous filthy abandoned soda bottles which then knocked over all of the bottles on the desk like dominoes.
Result: awesome.

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