Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh the humanity!!

Now Nature is attacking our children and animatronic 3 Dog Night singing animals. Headline:
Deer Crashes Through Chuck E. Cheese

The human response to Nature's repeated attacks: sexual harassment. Headline: Confiscated monkey sent sexually explicit audio tapes
Worthwhile quotes:
“(Darwin) [the monkey, not the scientist] is very dangerous,” said Amy Early, one of the Plano Animal Services Officers who transported Darwin. “(Rhesus Macaque Monkeys) will go straight for your face and tear into you. They have the strength of six men and inch-and-a-half incisors [sic].”
I know that I for one require a man with the strength of at least 5 men, so this is not totally out of line.

In other news: Fat Thai Panda, like many women, is totally not turned on by porn. This is the same panda that was formerly too fat to mate. Well if it's not one thing it's another. If you're into panda porn, here's the link, you dirty pervert. Maybe you can send it a sexually explicit audio tape. Freak.

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PalinDrome said...

What the hell!!! I thought they had big burley men in Texas. While a Rhesus Macaque Monkey could probably take me in a Hardcore Rules Street Match(tm). I am pretty sure I could kick his ass in a contest of strength. Or at least I hope so 'cause that would be down right embarrassing.