Friday, March 23, 2007

Eric Volz

I don't if you have heard about this, but check out this article. There was also one in the Wall Street Journal. You may want to look at the links as well, there is a youtube video too.
This American was working in Nicaragua and (so his family says) got caught up in some of the tensions there. Long story short, his girlfriend is murdered and a local drug addict says that he saw Volz at the scene despite several testimonies to the contrary. He is now serving 30 years in prison for her murder.
Perhaps attention from Americans will spur the government to pressure Nicaragua for a proper appeal.
I don't know all the facts, but a trial with the defense evidence not having been summarily dismissed by a judge sounds only fair.
I know that when you are abroad you are subject to that county's justice, but someone killed that girl and the right man needs to be put away.


Drew said...

Sounds like Southern style justice to me.

qtilla said...

That sounds like Kentucky Fried Crap to me.

Drew said...

Oh hey, and while we're on the subject.

I was going through my book collection and I thought of this post.

This guy got royally screwed, and almost executed. Looks like Volz is headed down the same road as Ronny Williams. The books a bit of a drab read, but the failures of the legal system are downright unbelievable.