Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday News

Lead singer of Blues Traveler, John Popper, totally crazy, also no longer fat.
His car was pulled over and the picture below is what the police seized from secret compartments (?!) of Popper's Mercedes SUV. Said Popper, "I didn't want to be left behind, [in case of natural disaster]."

Also said Popper, "I have big man boobs."

No seriously, I'm not making that up.

I'm Free.

John Inman, the actor who portrayed Mr Humphries in the BBC comedy, Are You Being Served passed away in a London hospital, after battling Hep A. John Inman was a very funny man, and I am sad at his passing.

Bitch Please.
Japan is starting an internal probe of the "comfort stations" run during WWII.

Last week Prime Minister Abe said there was no proof the women were coerced into sexual slavery. Abe claims Japan has apologised already for the program of institutionalized brothels, and will not apologise again. In spite of a wealth of evidence that Japanese agents kidnapped or coerced thousands of Korean and Chinese women into sexual slavery (including living survivors of the program and former soldiers) Japan has never properly apologised.

The previous apology was along the lines of "we are sorry about institutionalizing brothels." Rather than "we are sorry and will never again kidnap or coerece women into sexual slavery."

I do not believe in reparations for acts so far in the past, but I am damn tired of Japan trying to pretend that none of their war crimes occurred. I don't think that anyone believes that Japan can make up for what the past regime did, but saying it never happened is absolutely shameful.

I wanted to end this on some point about the sex trade, treatment of women, or treatment of Koreans in Japan, but I can't express what I want to say. I think I'm too disgusted.

You can't undo things by failing to admit them. You can't learn from your mistakes be declaring that they never happened. Looking at the acts of my own government, it isn't a stretch to believe that Japan could repeat their war atrocities.

It's pretty sad that I have to post more news about Comfort Women on International Women's Day.

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