Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sitting in the Dark with Nerds.

Last weekend I saw 300, courtesy of my superfriend Ron, whose workplace bought an entire theater of tickets at the swanky theater in Lincoln Square. We got to stroll straight into the theater and snag excellent seats, while all the peons were forced to stand in a line that curled through the lobby like intestines for the other showing.
In short, 300 was visually stunning, well acted, well written, funny, sad, and did I mention that it had 300 oiled up men whose abs became their own individual characters?
It also had this very interesting message about freedom, namely that it isn't free. And about the little guys standing up for their way of life. I kept thinking through the whole thing, Crap-sticks, I think the USA is Xerxes. This makes me want to photo-shop G.W.'s face onto Xerxes' giant gold body.

300 also was interesting in that it had so much to offer:
Gore and sex for teen boys.
Abs and butts for the ladies.
Visual effects and general stylization for the artsie folks.
Comics for the dorks.
War for the war movie people.
Historical fiction for the history people.

It was cool to see people of all genders, races, and ages flocking and in fact standing in very long lines to see this film. You should go see it too (peer pressure!!). (It was super-gory, which doesn't bother me, but may bother you- so keep that in mind when you go. It was stylized gore, more real than Sin City, but still quite campy.)

It was a truly awesome spectacle. (Not 'tubular' or 'radical' style awesome, but 'holy crap I forgot to breathe for a second' awesome.)

Last Wednesday Steve, Addy & I caught the This American Life Live Tour and it was hilarious/interesting. Their new TV show on Showtime also looked cool. The live recording that we attended will be spliced with the other live show from other cities and will be aired on NPR this Saturday (on most stations).

I was very surprised to see the change in Ira Glass' appearance... until I realised that the last time I saw a picture of Ira Glass was probably 8 or more years ago. Sorry Ira, I'm a judger.

The theater was full of those lovely liberal Seattlites, and I did, I regret to say, have the urge to stand up and yell, "I'm voting for McCain!" But I resisted. That would probably be one of the least Republican places to be in... besides Bryn Mawr.

If you don't listen to TAL, you are a loser, but you can catch up.

This show is what blogging is about. It's what life is about: ordinary people and their stories. And also, squirrels on fire.


Cymberleah said...

Are you really voting for McCain? I liked him a lot better when he was running against Bush, and less now that he's trying to succeede him.

I'd still rather vote Powell over anyone else. Rawr.

qtilla said...

I don't know, I suppose it depends on who he is up against in the primaries-- and then the results of the primaries.
All I can think about is that McCain has experince and would be a good statesman.

I'm a liberal with Republicanesque leanings, rather than liberal Republican. If that makes sense.