Monday, March 19, 2007

Violence = good times.

I watched The Departed over at Paul's on Friday and I did enjoy it. I tend to like cop movies and gangster movies, so this was a good fit. But I have to admit that I was ready for it to be over in advance of when it was over. Additionally, (and I hope that you won't consider this a spoiler) at the outset I couldn't imagine it going down well for anyone, so I didn't invest in the characters.

That being said, it was very well acted and decently directed. It was also pretty smart.

I couldn't help but think that it had a message that wasn't heard, themes too unexplored; though perhaps it was because the movie was so clearly (frantically obviously) designed to be evocative for men rather than women. Which I suppose makes a certain amount of sense, but separates it from smarter film making.

It did evoke some emotions in me, such as the horrifyingly feminine urge to chase and have unloving (and probably violent and meaningless) sex with vulnerable yet dangerous and utterly unsuitable men.

4 out of 5 monkeys for the excellent acting.

Sunday the family and I sat down to watch Flags of Our Fathers. I feel very conflicted about this film. I was really touched by parts of the movie, but I felt a little manipulated by it; as though showing me sad scenes to make me sad isn't good enough. I want to be invested, I want to care. A great movie makes you think.

I also feel that it was a movie almost about nothing at all. A movie about Iwo Jima could have been much more evocative, informative, and plot driven, but this wasn't about Iwo Jima.
I am very disappointed in this movie, because I LOVE war movies. Love them. And while this was visually pleasing and well acted, I didn't think it was that great.

I'm very interested in seeing Letters from Iwo Jima, because I feel like the real drama was on the Japanese side of the lines.

4 monkeys.


Cymberleah said...

I have the movie that the Departed was based on, Internal Affairs. I rather liked the Hong Kong version better, as in the end, not everyone dies. As a matter of fact, one of the characters that died in the Departed is actually in one of the Internal Affairs sequals (I think it's the 3rd one, as the second takes place earlier... it's oddly timed, to me).

Anyhow, if you want to see the "real" version, you can borrow it from me, or, I think Netflix has it, too.

qtilla said...

I would love to borrow it. I am a big fan of Hong Kong gang movies and mooching.

Cymberleah said...

Ok, I'll bring it by the Comic Stop (next time I make it in... -_-) and toss it in your box.

Don't let Brian charge you for it!