Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Break Round Up

Depoe Bay was lovely and I had a great time. We tried a different local bakery every day, played at the beach, watched whales and sea lions from my balcony, geocached, put together some challenging puzzles, read two magazines and three books, and slept about 12+ hours a day.

We also watched the following films:
Classic Hitchcock film starring (most notably) Cary Grant about a woman who marries a scoundrel and becomes convinced that he is a murderer and that she is next.
A well made movie with a kind of annoyingly cutsie ending.
Five monkeys.

Grandma’s Boy
A movie about a pot-smoking game tester who moves in with his grandma… and stuff happens.
I thought that I would hate this movie, but I didn’t. In fact, I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. I deeply desired giving it 4 monkeys for doing exactly what it was created to do, but I feel like that is too much monkey compared to much “better” movies I’ve rated.
Well, you know what- screw it, this is my blog. 4 monkeys it is.

Insomnia (Norwegian version)
A movie about a detective who is witnessed committing a crime by the murderer that he is chasing.
Fine for a foreign film; however, like God I like things hot or cold. I spit out the luke warm. Patooey. 2 monkeys for being ok.

A [really weird] film shot from the perspective of a very pitiful little girl. A weird film. Very weird and kind of disturbing.
On one hand the grotesque sexual themes made me uncomfortable, but on the other hand because the film is shot from a perspective of a child and her (and I am not making this up) lobotomized friend, maybe we’re the perverts and they’re the innocents.
Had I had any inkling of what this film was at the outset I would not have watched it. That being said, 3 monkeys for being interesting, but negative two for being kind of pointless and confusing. A further negative one monkey for making me think about Courtney Love- even if that wasn’t their intent.
So that brings it to an absence of monkeys. Now that is how you balance an equation.

A movie about a boy and some dragon something something.
Fine for its genre, but not a movie I would watch again… or on purpose….
2 monkeys for kind of being boring… and about dragons and people who ride them and talk to them using their minds. (SNORT)

In small furry rabies news, Sean and I were approached by a ground squirrel… behind us a cliff and ahead snarled a small furry beast of doom. Sensibly we screamed bloody murder and ran along the cliff's edge like the bitches we are. We may be cowards, but we’re cowards who aren’t writhing in excruciating pain as we die of The Rabies.

In I look too damn young news, I was given a children's place mat at a restaurant. Damn it.

I will attempt to post pictures soon, unless I feel lazy.

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Cymberleah said...

Childern's placemats are fun, though! You can ignore the people around you and eat your crayons.

Sounds like you had a great time!