Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I recently finished a book called In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. It reminded me of the beauty of Nature... when it isn't trying to kill you.

I would like to spend even more time in the woods this summer than last, but I find great frustration in finding good hikes. A book is quickly out of date and you have no guarantee that you will find what you want on a pay website. And even after you pick the hike you still have to call the ranger.

Now there is Hikipedia. This site is completely free and includes all kinds of great features such as current and projected weather, sunsets times, google driving directions, and phone numbers for the relevant ranger.

It has surprisingly few local hikes and I would like to change that. The key to making this site worth visiting is letting people know it is there, so:
Hey People! Check out Hikipedia!

You can pick this hike and then call a ranger, all for free!


DawnOfTheRead said...

I want to go for a hike...soon!

Assuming I have created a long term injury in my back with too much weed whacking.

qtilla said...

I just attacked a hiking book with colored post-it flags! Let's go soon!