Monday, April 16, 2007

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

So, three days ago I got out of the shower and noticed that during the night I had scratched my back (or so I believed at the time) and a patch of it was red and swollen.
The next day the patch began to itch like nuts and I noticed that it was exactly square.
Yesterday I was displeased with life as I had been woken up by my own unconscious scratching of the patch.
Last night I was still waking myself up with the scratching to the point that I had to wear socks on my hands to prevent myself from irritating the skin further. I am driven nuts by this and am going to have to go and get some kind of stuff to put on it OR go to the doctor (which I HATE doing.)
The point that I meant to get to earlier is that I can’t determine why I have a square rash. My grandma thinks it is an allergic reaction—but to what? I am not wearing anything new or doing anything new (because I am boring).
My guesses:
Flesh eating bacteria.
Zombie plague.
WebMD has me convinced that I have cancer or hepatitis. I tried looking up my known allergies to look for something new. Interestingly, it noted that my latex allergy and my tomato allergy are connected as they both share a common protein. It also noted that it could be eczema, as that runs in the family too.
Also interestingly, it didn’t have any mention of zombie plague. I’m thinking government cover up.


Cymberleah said...

If it's zombie plague, keep away from my brains.

On an unrelated note, I forget to get the movie to the Comic Stop. I'll aim for the poker game-that-plays-like-snap, then.

PalinDrome said...

Does you Red Patch look anything like this:

If so then you may actually be God...

qtilla said...

Yes... just like that.
I am a god.
Now bring me pie!

PalinDrome said...

Just noticed that link was cut off. My fault for being too lazy to add html tag.