Monday, April 09, 2007

Bright Copper Kettles

Monster Ballads 1 & 2
Ted Nugent
Brightly colored sneakers
Swan's Crossing
Easter chocolates
Soul Food
Lemon Bars
Irregularly shaped cake pans
Spatulas with holiday ornamentation.
Discovery Channel


Cymberleah said...

Weeds with flowers
Waking up right before the alarm goes off
Homemade cookies

PalinDrome said...

I hate myself for saying this but as an dues paying member of the Adult Fan of Lego, I must chime in and say that the plural of Lego is Lego. If you must add an s use the phrase Lego bricks or Lego sets.

Good Lord I am such a nerd.

qtilla said...

No criticizing other people's raindrops on roses!
Now you have to post a list of things that you like besides lego['s' for spite].

PalinDrome said...

Soft tacos
Sweethearts Conversation Hearts
Rainy days
Roller coasters
My Nieces
The internet
Highlander (There should have only been one)
Starting viral phrases
Monster Cookie Blizzards (Hurry up July)
Ezell's Chicken Strips
Que Sera Sera
Pepsi (oh how I miss thee)

qtilla said...

It took me two minutes of google to figure out what Strupwaffles are. Thanks.
And Que Sera Sera the song as sung by Dorris Day?
And you are a liar, because NOBODY loves conversation hearts. They taste like tums... trite tums.

PalinDrome said...

Strupwaffles were my favorite food from my trip to Amsterdam. I violated customs bring many packs back into the States.

While Que Sera Sera is originally sung by Doris Day in a Hitchcock flick The Man Who Knew Too Much, but I know from the opening of the Heathers.

I guess you can just call me nobody because conversation hearts are hands down my favorite candy.

DawnOfTheRead said...

Are you mad at me? My posts are not approved :(

I thought of another thing I wanted to add. I love wadding up used paper and tossing it in the recycling from across the room. I am awesome at it.

qtilla said...

That's odd, I promise I approved your comment!
You said 'hooray chocolate' or at least that was my general impression.

Blogger is kind of iffy, I say foisting the blame elsewhere.

DawnOfTheRead said...

I'm fine with blaming blogger. I confess, I do favor livejournal. There, when people respond to your responses, it tells you, so you can have a proper conversation without stalking the blog comments ;)

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!