Monday, April 09, 2007

Two Seattley Fun Activities

1. Tour Theo Chocolates.
2. Go to the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries.

If anyone is up for either of these super-fun activities, let me know!


Cymberleah said...

I'd be up for some chocolatey goodness!

PalinDrome said...

I would be up for the Museum of Mysteries.

I have been in one to many food processing plants to find any enjoyment in a food tour. Just going for free samples, well that is a kettle of another color. Or what ever that metaphor is.

DawnOfTheRead said...

I've been to the museum, so chocolate is sounding better to me.

When you go to the museum, be sure to try the oxygen bar (just because).

qtilla said...

You see, this is why you are my official hero, Dawn.

You are coolest of all of my friends... for whatever that's worth....