Friday, April 13, 2007

I hate it when an opportunity for hilarity is squandered by proper punctuation.

Rogue seal menacing man, beast in Calif.

Better headline: Rogue seal menacing man-beast in Calif.

Even better: Rogue seal-menacing man-beast in Calif.

This seal has apparently driven out smaller seals, attacked a pit-bull, growled (I'm not making that up) at a kayaker and rushed some surfers.

The part the really strikes me is that the dog-owner attacked the 2,000 pound seal to get his dog back. Dude, I don't care if it grabs my mom, 2,000 pounds of angry seal is too much for me unless it's grilled to perfection in a nice adobo sauce.

I'm strongly reminded of when my grandma and grandpa rushed into the ocean to rescue their schnauzer that had gotten stranded on a rock as the tide came back in because it couldn't remember how to get off the rock.

Just piss on Darwin's grave people. As I just said to Lynn, 'there are no school zones in nature.'

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