Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Last night I watched Grey Gardens, a documentary about two batty old chicks living in a mouldering mansion. They went from fortune and a very excellent pedigree to living in a house so filthy that the health authority tried to bounce them. The daughter of the pair was a debutant and was engaged to the heir to an enormous fortune and then something happened, I'm not sure what, but there she was 25 years later living in complete squalor.
4 monkeys for being interesting, though screechy.

I pondered the film for a while and thought, could that be me? Over-educated, proposed to but never married, old and alone, with raccoons and (God forbid) my mother?
It is unfathomable.

I also watched Blood Diamond.
5 monkeys. I got all misty at the end. Twice. God damned ridiculous.

Crap, about which I worry: my foot.
So tomorrow I am scheduled to get another cortisone shot. You may recall that that hurt. A lot. And only provided me with brief relief. But now my foot is greatly improved. Could this be a product of the shot? Or merely of time and good care?
Am I just attempting to avoid the temporary discomfort of hurty-foot and risking longer term hurty-foot?
I do not know.
But if you have an opinion, particularly one that involves me NOT getting the shot, I would welcome it...

Lately I've been feeling kind of guilty. Guilty for being so privileged and wanting more and being wasteful and environmentally harmful. I choose to blame Al Gore.
On the other hand I saw the movie Happy Feet (3 monkeys) and decided I didn't like it because of the unnecessary, awkward, and forced environmental message. So I felt all tough and badass.
But then I watched The Pursuit of Happiness (5 monkeys) and felt all guilty and privileged again.
Finally I watched Smoking Aces (a mess attempting to replicate Lock Stock and other movies of its ilk with no success- 2 monkeys) which made me feel sad that Ryan Reynolds didn't take his shirt off.

I guess I'm just all over the place... like this post.

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