Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welly well well

Sometimes I am not sure about what should be written in a blog. I should probably put some effort into writing a blog with a topic and have some direction or at least feature honest vignettes of my actual life told in an artful and insightful manner. But I am not going to. If I had to do what better bloggers manage to do on a daily basis, I would keel over and die.

So what I will do is ask you about purses. There is yet another purse I want. It is a Disneyland exclusive called MickeyDoki.
There are a few designs, but I am most attracted to either the hobo (day-to-day use) or the messenger (briefcase-esque use):

So here is the question:
Is it weird to buy a medium range handbag with anime-ized Disney characters on it? What if you either have to order it from Disneyland DelivEars over the phone or off of E-Bay.

More stuff I want to buy and don't need:
Yoda Mouse and other extraordinary mice (that I could have made myself if I had bothered thinking of it and then gone thru the effort of making it.

Growing up super-poor has some very strange effects on spending desires.

Things I need for my new place:
Small sewing table with drop-leaf.
Two incredibly small nightstands.
Maybe a dresser.
Some decor.
Maybe a new bookshelf.
General decor.
Comic storage solutions.

Things I want to buy:
Cartoon handbags.
Mice Stuffed toys.
Anything that is not a furniture item.

I think that my desire for unnecessary items stems from 1. not liking boring things and 2. being damn tired of being sensible all of the god damned time. However with layoffs fluttering around like zombie butterflies, I should probably refrain from buying mice and/or handbags and either buy furniture to use every day OR pay down my student loans.

I read a lengthy article about crashing economies and they say the number one best way to go into a depressed economy is debt free. Forget about having a job or having savings, but not owing anything is the best way to ride out economic disasters.

In other news:
Watch this video, it will change your life. NPR is now officially forgiven for ruining the end of season three of Lost.


Girl Friday K said...

I have a terrible lust for all things messenger bag that I use for everyday activities. I disguise them as diaper bags, but they only ever carry diapers, wipes and cookies. When necessary, I employ a healthy dose of guilt to avoid buying too many. Sell an egg and go Ebay. DelivEars is the road of shame.

Those mice are excellent.

Is it weird to be relieved I'm not the only person who grew up poor and now have weird money twitches? I keep too many canned foods in the cupboards. Stop having things in common with me, btw.

I highly recommend Freecycle as a source for some of the stuff you're looking for. It's also a useful way to get rid of nonsense crap one might pick up at a thrift store. And extra fun is revamping old crap!

If you're a thrift store junkie, I'm demanding our DNA get checked. I don't put it past either of my parents to have accidental bastards running around. (Not really, I'm too cheap for the test.)

qtilla said...

Better get that DNA check. Today I bought an purple duck umbrella and Yoshi's Cookies NES game for $5. Thanks creepy Mormon thrift store!

I was supposed to be getting a sewing table or nightstand. Oh well.

D. Prince said...

Love the Yoda Mouse. I can totally see why you'd want it.

P.S. I love your blog just the way it is.

Elwood said...

Now I want a pet Panda...thanks, Q.

qtilla said...

That video made my job look super-crappy. I wish I could be a baby panda wrangler.