Monday, April 28, 2008

At Random

I don't think I say so enough, but I live a good life.

I'm properly housed, fed, and entertained. I am neither spoiled by more money than I can use responsibly, nor starved by so little I can't live. I live in a beautiful city full of things to do and people to see. I am blessed with predominantly excellent health and the technology and finances to get top rate medical care at any time. My pantry is full, and when I turn the tap I can have as much safe water as I could possibly want. My closet is full with more clothes than I can wear in a month, my shelves filled with years of books, comics, and films. I can call anyplace in the world with a phone in my pocket and drive to South America in my big blue car. My work helps the world to become a better place. I can vote, worship, speak, and work as I choose. I have a wonderful family to support and love me. I have a multitude of friends to make me laugh and challenge me.

Things are hard right now, and getting harder. I should be grateful for the charmed life I lead, and aware that I am in the minority.

I am American in every sense. My family hails from all over the world. They came to America to provide me with the ridiculous largess with which I live. My closet is bloated with shoes, my walls slathered in art, and my ears ringing with millions of different songs. I have too much. I eat too much. I spend too much.

I sleep deeply and soundly knowing I am safe, clean, and fed. Tomorrow I will eat three square meals of food enough for at least two people, work eight solid hours for fair pay, drink imported vodka at pub quiz, drive a car that seats six, and read a book in my bed big enough for three.

I have nothing to be sad about.

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Drew said...

I say this without any hint of sarcasim, which is rare for me.

God bless america.