Friday, April 25, 2008

cheap cheap

A while ago I was at Walgreens and I was feeling poor. I probably wasn't even remotely broke, but I felt broke. So instead of sensibly purchasing my regular Biolage, Pantene, or Herbal Essence shampoo, I bought an off-brand Biolage knock-off.
And it was fine.
Later I figured that since my hair was fine after the shampoo, why waste 3 bucks on fancy conditioner. My hair was tangly for the first few days, but calmed down.
Some time later I forgot to pack conditioner while dog sitting and I ran out to buy conditioner and was pleased to find Pantene on sale.
Yesterday I conditioned my hair with the Pantene, combed it out and left it wet. No styling, no product, no blow dryer.
All day people kept asking if I had gotten a haircut and complimenting me. (Even Steve noticed.)

I can't believe I am so cheap that I saved $3, but apparently looked like a troll doll for a month, and yet spent $3 on Yoshi's Cookie for my NES at the thrift shop yesterday.

It is all about priorities.

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