Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look, it's stuff, for me to say!

1. Bank of America continues to deluge me with credit offers for accounts with much higher APR's, does this mean that they are trying to trick me into giving up my gorgeous low APR account? Also, I think Bank of America does not respect me. I cannot wait until October, when the end of my consumer debt servitude arrives (with cupcakes and fanfare).

2. Today I am tired, but have officially resumed a non-phlegm state. The mucous is gone. (Enter cupcakes and fanfare.)

3. I have made an error at work. It is minute, but now I owe favors, and inconvenienced someone and I HATE owing favors. (No cupcakes or fanfare for me.)

4. If it snows tomorrow, ruining the second Steve & Quiana BBQ of the year, I will be sad. (Then I will get cupcakes.)


Ferretnick said...

Still... a 3 to 1 ratio for cupcakes is pretty good.

qtilla said...

That is a delicious silver-lining. They are always much better when edible.

drew said...

just to clarify... Nither snow nor rain are valid reasons to halt a grill or BBQ. There is also a huge difference between a grill and a BBQ.

qtilla said...

Uh-oh, I inadvertently messed with Texas.

Drew said...


Speaking of Texas, if you come down here, I'll have to introduce ya'll to my girlfriend's dad. I would say he's more of a man than Steve and I put togather will ever be.

This man kills his own meat, cleans and butchers it, and then cooks it. Let me repeat... He kills what he eats.

He can fix cars, and runs 10 miles a day.

Additionally, the man is in his mid fifties, and he is engaged to a girl that is 4 years younger than me.

Even his cat is manly... It only has one eye.

And on top of this all, he's one of the friendliest, most generous guys I've ever known.

qtilla said...

1. Kiss-ass.

2. Talk to Steve, he is the one holding us back with his hippie/muppet lack of planning abilities.