Thursday, April 03, 2008

Links! Oh boy!

Wanna see some HOT space shuttle processing pix? You know you do, Nerd.

Jezebel brings us a Statistical Guide to Why You're Not Getting Laid. Showing the statistical imbalance between the genders by geographical location. (AKA the chart in National Geographic that my Grammy used to point out that I have no excuse for not having provided her with grandbabies.)
If you live in Seattle you are not getting laid because you are either:
1. A dude
2. Utterly useless (see: Quiana)
If you live in New York it is because you are either:
1. A lady-person
2. Not wearing the new Prada Spring Collection.

Rush Limbaugh is a pathetic piece of shit who doesn't deserve a name and who will be roasting in the pits of hell (and judging by his physical condition- rather soon).
RL says that feminists hate men and get 2 0r 3 abortions and that is why they vote for Hillary Clinton.
I know that my hating of men often culminates in huge amounts of unprotected sex. I always fuck that which I hate. (Strange side note: I also hate seafood. Anyone up for an aquarium run?)

Having now slithered through the slime which is RL's uncomplicated, bigoted, misogynistic, drug-addled mind, I think it is time for some Muppets.


Drew said...

What a post! It deserves a multi-part response...

A.) I've bookmarked that page to masturbate to later. Why? Because manned space-flight is sexy, and it makes me feel naughty when I get to peek under her chassy...

B.)Statistically speaking, it looks like I lucked out...

C.) I have 4 aquaiums in use, and 1 in storage. Fuck yea, let's go shopping for fish. As an aside, don't you find it kind of funny that you hate sea-food, but live in one of the best places in the US to get sea food? As an aside to the aside, they made a video game out of "Deadliest Catch", or as Tia loves to call it, "Hunt'n fer Crabs!".

D: Beaker rocks the house.

qtilla said...

I'm prety sure that "hunt'n fer crabs" is what I call Friday.

Elwood said...

I always knew, in the right environment, Beaker would be able to come out of his shell a little.

Just one more public service courtesy of Rick Astley. Very cool.