Monday, April 28, 2008

Quiana Simplification Plan; for more awesome living

Take all that crap I was gonna place in boxes and move from old apartment to new and instead follow this simple two step plan:
1. Carry crap to street.
2. Light it on fire.

The end.

Actually, I am putting forth a real effort to lessen the amount of crap that I own. I'm finding it really hard to part with two things:

1. Really cute, in-style, and expensive clothes that don't really fit me anymore, but may someday, in QuianaLand, where ice cream makes you skinny.

2. Comics that I will absolutely never again read and that will never be worth any money (and maybe was not so crazy about at the time).

Those helping me move should be able to help me determine how successful I was based upon the number and weight of the boxes.


Drew said...

Heh. Use the method that I used when I moved to seattle...

If it doesn't fit in your car, leave it. One trip moving is awsome.

Elwood said...

I got rid of some furniture that way. Sure hope the apartment manager was able to do something with it.

Hillary said...

ha - I still have a pair of jeans in my closet that is 4 (4!) sizes too small
just in case one day I get skinny

don't judge me

Girl Friday K said...

I got rid of furniture that way too.

Although I was polite, unlike some people and left it in the hall.

qtilla said...

If I leave my furniture in the hall, and then lite it on fire, I think my neighbors will think less of me.