Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things that I'm pondering:

1. Gargoyle Toes, among many others is being laid off. I am sad for her. Very sad.

2. I need a new comic storage solution. I want to be able to get into the boxes easily. Are drawer boxes the only game in town? Has anyone tried those magazine holders?

3. I am a little stressed out about decorating new spaces after I move. I think I'm nesting. Perhaps this is when I descend into my hermithood?
Or maybe I am just sick and tired and not thinking clearly.


PalinDrome said...

But, But... who will you mock while at work? Is this the beginning of the end of the SUC?

Back Nine said...

I'm thinking that, since you are still feeling bad and all, it is time to "Get pots for double boiler and make Grandma's Chocolate Pie." And send some to the Back Nine. Do something about all that phlegm first, though.

Girl Friday K said...

Ergh, I hate drawer boxes, they're such a pain in the ass for me to maneuver. They could be evil or I could be mentally-challenged, it's a fifty-fifty toss up here. The magazine holders look like they'd be neat (I'd be tempted to get freaky with my OCD and color-code, then have to kill myself).

I still just use boxes with lids, but you should post what you go with if it's not drawer boxes, I hate not being able to get in and out of them without a hassle.

Decorating = Unfair Pressure to Socially Define Self.

also: sorry you're still mucoustastic. Me too.

Elwood said...

I use both the magazine holders and the long/short boxes. Magazine holders have current runs (each labeled with a book's title, and shelved in alphabetical order), and the long/short boxes hold miniseries, trades, and overflow from filled up magazine holders.

All comics are bagged and boarded, too.

One day...and that day is coming soon...I'm going to need to reconcile everything (the sectioned titles in the unknown number of long boxes hidden away in the closet, and the 15-20 short boxes that have been catching everything since the last re-org) and get titles and runs in a complete order.

I'll need a week off of work, an empty warehouse, a caffiene IV, and a label maker.

qtilla said...

So what I'm hearing here is that I should burn my house down and collect something else entirely.

Elwood said...

I thought about quitting the comic habit once, but then Brian's kids would starve. I can't have that on my conscience.

Dr. Zoltar said...

I think you need something like what Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle had in his closet. Comic boxes on pull out shelves and drawers on hinges. It was a thing of beauty. Now if only I could find a video of that scene.

qtilla said...

You can have real cabinets made, and by "you" I mean someone less cheap than I.

I wish I knew more about building stuff.