Tuesday, April 01, 2008


1. I just found out that The Mix, local awesome ice cream joint(s), is definitely gone forever. I had noticed some time ago that they were strangely still closed from the holidays... but now apparently they are never to re-open.
I guess I will run to the comforting arms of Bottega Italiana, now open a few blocks from me in Green Lake.

2. I am completely tired of April Fool's Day. Yes, everyone, you are very funny and creative. (Perhaps you can experiment with the "funny" all year?) Now can we please get back to business?

3. I ordered a new battery for my iPod (also known as my iSuck(balls) so it will be exciting if this causes the bastard to play music while not plugged in. If it doesn't work, I'm pretty sure that I will have screwed the pooch. Then I guess I'll be forced to buy a Zune OR figure out the MP3 phone situation.

4. Speaking of music, here are some things I am listening to:

Love Psychedelico:

The Feeling, Sewn. Which I could not embed. Rude.

Miley Cyrus, See You Again.
Yes, I should be ashamed, but I really like this song. And it is all Steve's fault.
I guess there is no real music video for this song, hence this apostrophe-less abomination. Anyway, the song is in the background.

5. My Grammy gave me Proactiv. The gift that says, "Here, love, take care of those hideous spots please."


Tripping Daisy said...

Thanks for the great music suggestions. I'll make sure to add them to my playlist. :)

Tripping Daisy said...

Also, what CD is this song from?

qtilla said...

The Love Psychedelico is from the Greatest hits. I am not sure about the other two. I am a itunes single whore.

Drew said...

So let me get this straight... Steve likes Hanna Montanna?

I actually should be ashamed to confess that she's got a really great 'video game', that is actually a recording and mixing program for the DS. I'm saving up my dollars for it, so that I can play it on Tia's coral pink Nintendo DS.

That, and I've got alot of respect for the girl, even though she's Disney. Her song's arn't bad, and they're extremely well produced. From a technical standpoint, they're fun to listen to, just to hear how good a job the sound technicians did.

And then, on a personal level, you have to respect the girl for not going all christina agulera/brittney spears on the public. I sincerly hope she doesn't when she gets older... From all the interviews I've seen of her, she seems well grounded, and like a good role model.

I gotta say, I'm looking forward to see how her career pans out.

qtilla said...

I am also cautiously optimistic.

Though it is not fair to compare Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears... as Britney can't sing.