Wednesday, April 02, 2008

National Geographic Live! Lecture Series

If you are into science, conservation, nature, or just becoming a more well-rounded individual you should absolutely be attending the National Geographic Live! Lecture Series.
These lectures are held at Benaroya Hall (and other locations nation-wide) and cover archeology, anthropology, zoology, geology- basically you name the 'ology'.

Last night herpetologist Brady Barr spoke and showed video and pictures from his various projects. He was (like every speaker at this series) extremely diverting and very knowledgeable.

Here are a couple of clips of Brady Barr that you might find interesting:

Dressing up as a crocodile to infiltrate... as suggested by school children.

Here is a link to when he attempted it with hippos.

Brady taking quite a bite in order to attach transmitters to a large large snake. In a cave. Full of snakes. Full of bats (which scare him). And waist deep bat guano.

Not every lecture is this action-packed, but I've never been bored.

There are still tickets for the remaining lectures, I encourage you to try one.

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