Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Secret Crush: John Sydney McCain III

So I randomly picked up this book from my library last week; it's called Survivors; True Tales of Endurance. (John B. Letterman) It's a collection of first person narratives written by people who survived against great odds with short introductory historical narratives by Mr. Letterman.
As I am reading, OK skimming (I am ashamed to admit that I pretty much just speedread non-fiction) I hit this section on John McCain. Now here's the embarrassing part. I've been nursing a political crush on McCain for months now.
Call me sick, but everything I hear him on NPR, CNN, etc. he just seems like a really wonderful guy. Wonderful in that, he seems to be smart, strong, and sensible. I heard this interview on NPR a while ago where John Stewart was talking about the qualities he wants in a president. Specifically he mentioned how Kerry worked so hard to seem like an average Joe, but what we (noters) really want (and what Kerry is) is a guy who is stronger and smarter than us. Secretly we want a decorated war-hero with an Ivy League education, not a bubba. You just can't run two 'cool fellers' against eachother. And that's where Stewart thinks that the democrats are losing out on their share of voters. I thought it was because they are not unified on important political issues....
Anyway, this book chunk written by McCain is ghost written, but still, I can't shake the fact that John McCain seems like a pretty damn cool guy. And it looks like the book even came out after McCain's bid for the presidency. Anyway, this morning I requested three more books on McCain, so we'll see what others have to say.
I'm sure that some people (John Steven McMahon III) will email me later to tear him apart, but nothing can come between me and John Sydney McCain III.

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