Monday, June 13, 2005

Thank You New Custodian Guy

Thank you for taking my garbage and recycling every day, even when they’re not full.
Thank you for always remembering that the recycling goes on the right and the garbage on the left so that I will not mix up them up as I move papers endlessly.
Thank you for checking me out everyday, but never in a sleazy way.
Thank you for offering to move all those heavy paper boxes today. I hate moving those.
Thank you for asking the overweight secretary if she needed help with her car even when she was only adding oil to the engine.
Thank you for not listening to noisy metal on your walkman, thus not hearing me when I need something.
Thank you for pretending not to notice that I was crying in my cube when I broke up with my boyfriend. Thank you for looking concerned.

I’m sorry that you have a crummy job and that you work with jerks; don’t worry I think they are jerks too. I’m sorry I don’t know your name, because (believe it or not) I am shy and I’m irrationally ashamed that you have to pick up after me. I’m sorry that the enormous woman in the cube behind me was rude to you today, she’s rude to me too.

I will always say please and thank you because I’m grateful you’re here, and I will hand you my recycling and garbage cans and never expect you to squeeze past me to pick them up from under my desk when I am just sitting there. I will never criticize your vacuuming, complain about how long you take to clean the bathroom, or make fun of your Forest Gump attire and haircut.

You are more humble, full of grace, and infinitely kinder than I. You work hard at a job nobody likes or seems to appreciate, and never act grumpy or complain.I respect you, new custodian guy, and I hope you can tell.

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