Wednesday, June 29, 2005

July?! I haven’t used July in a year.

Today my buddy Steve told me that I was too judgmental of people’s inability to use the correct numerical abbreviations for the months of the year on the legally binding affidavits that I deal with at work. Lord knows I hate to seem judgmental, but these abbreviations are the same every year. While Steve may want to think that he has saved time/brain space by not memorizing those pesky abbreviations, I’d like to make the point that after over two decades of using the same abbreviations repeatedly, that perhaps, they would somehow just pop up in your brain.

In retaliation Steve said, “Well you only use the same one once a year.”

Technically, if you need to write the date every day that’s 28-31 times per year, Steve. And you’re 25, Steve. You will have now used “6” for the month of “June” 600 times, not counting the number of times you may have used that abbreviation to reference June during a different month, or the repetition of the abbreviation through multiple daily uses.

Additionally, if you can count to 12 (a kindergarten Grade Level Expectation) and know the order of the months (also a K Level GLE- as we say in the biz), I bet that you can figure it out when using on a legally binding affidavit, necessary to retain your job.

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