Monday, June 06, 2005

Sweet Sanitized Starbucks

Alliterate me, baby.
I love the clinical nature of Starbucks.
The Olive Garden of java joints,I salute you.
How is it that every Starbucks has no less than one terminally hot guy working there?
Is it in your rule book?
I bet your rule book is green.

Once I was at a Starbucks and I saw a very pretentious sign for a special blend.
A pea-berry blend.
I know! That's exactly what I thought too.
When I got my coffee I gave the obligatory attractive barista a saucy look and said,
"So is the peaberry blend really that good?"
He leaned in close, above the straws and nutmeg and said,
"It beats the hell out of feces-berry."
If I could have vaulted the counter in one leap, I would have.

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