Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guilty as the day is long!

Sorry, my Oklahoma shows when I get angry.
Can I just mention a few things:
1. If all Michael Jackson has to say for himself is that now he knows not to sleep with little boys, well good for him. Somehow every other man in America who isn't a child molestor intuitively knows that sleeping with children who aren't yours is probably a bad idea. What the bazillion bedrooms in his creepy child-trap compound were all full? He deserves to go to jail for being stupid enough to look that guilty. Especially given that this isn't the first time this has happened.
2. We ought to throw that poor child's mother in jail for puposely endangering her child for profit. She clearly was setting Michael Jackson up to extort him or to have him abuse her son and sue him. But I still don't think that acquits Jackson of being a complete fucktard, or a child molestor.
3. Exciting ways to make yourself look guilty of molesting children:
-Invite children to visit you without their parents.
-Live in an amusement park.
-Let the children sleep in your room.
-Talk about your love of children all the time.
-Act bat-shit crazy.
-When eventually charged with molestation call in you crazy friends to testify- Elizabeth Taylor? Maculy Culkin?
-When previously accused of multiple counts of child molestation, don't go to court, instead pay off their families.
-Sleep in the same bed as a child.
-Molest children.
Now answer this for me, which of these is Jackson not guilty of.

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