Monday, June 13, 2005

Book Report 1: Catch Me if You Can

Dear Reader,
My friend/sugar daddy/future spouse/future president Terry ( ) reads all kinds of intriguing books, political whatnot, etc. and reviews them on his blog, address above.As a helpful resource for you I will begin to catalogue the less embarrassing things that I read. This way you can determine whether or not you are interested in reading this crap. Terry is way more patient and thoughtful than I am, so be sure to set your sights nice and low.

So without further ado:

Catch Me if You Can, by Frank Abignale
Should you read this book? Yes.
Is this one of those books written after successful movie? No, asshole.
Type/Genre and Length: autobiography- fairly short. (author's note- yes, I am critiquing length on my blog-- keep that in mind gentlemen.)
Synopsis: 16 year old Frank runs away from home and begins scams all over the world. Popular movie based on this book was not as cool. I promise.
Notes: This guy is completely brilliant and should have been allowed to keep the money. He should also run for president on the Jon Stewart principal. (He is smarter than we are. In fact he was smarter than we are when he was 16.) Also, smart guys are sexy; thus, even though he is in his 60s now I totally still want to do him. We'll put him on my "old guys that I'd still do list".

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