Thursday, May 15, 2008

What?! Another bad day.

Yes. Another bad day.

1. Found out that my job is secure. Buuuuuut... I found out that I'm not getting a raise that I absolutely expected.

2. I was chided for coming in to the office while sick and told that my health is more important- but I had critical work to accomplish and no one to take care of it if I'm not there. So fine. If I'm not super-peachy awesome feeling tomorrow I will go ahead and stay home. It just kills me that I'm being punished for doing important work that has to get done.

3. I am sicker today than yesterday. This is crazy-pants.

In other news:

My mind is all agog with mixed up muddled worries. Cancelling my attendance at a friend's wedding, moving, my endlessly overfull ridiculously complicated schedule, where to hide while infirmed tomorrow, what to do with my future, when to use my new dutch oven etc. etc. etc. Last night I couldn't sleep until the cat crawled over and headbutted me into slumber.

Do I have more funny cat stories for you?! Yes I do, you lucky bastard! Day before yesterday I was doing a routine nasal irrigation (still single!) and the cat had been following me all over all day, so naturally, it hopped onto the counter to enjoy the show. As the disgusting water came pouring from my nostril, kitty thought, "ooooooooh I think I might like to put my paw in that particular stream of water, it looks clean and gorgeous!" And I bellowed, "No kitty!" and blew nostril water all over. Just another day in my awesome life.

Sorry guys, that is the end of the cavalcade of awesome stories. Tune in next time when I explain how to change a light bulb in excruciating detail- a 97 part series.


Dr. Zoltar said...

Just gotta put in my $.02 and say that cats rule though. Headbutt = awesome.

Nasal problems = the suck. I get springtime allergies and that's a whole bucket of fun. Though you should have gone to The Comic Stop and sneezed all over Friday's stalker.

qtilla said...

Would have been my pleasure.