Friday, May 02, 2008

Advice for you.

I just want to make sure that if you are twiddling your thumbs saying, "Ho-hum, what shall I do tonight?" the answer is see Iron Man. I saw it last night and was very impressed.

It isn't about being a super hero and it isn't just about power and responsibility. It's about regrets, learning, greed, success, war, about who is really a 'good guy', and being an American at war and what that means.

It was fantastic. Well acted. Well written. Very funny.

Yes, I read comics. But this movie would have still been awesome, even if you think comic books are sophomoric, and super heroes are cheap. (Debbie Downer!)

I don't want to oversell it, but go and see it for yourself. (So that I can discuss it with someone.)


Drew said...

I just may have to go see it tonight. I've been stomping around for the last three weeks, declaring... "I AM IRON MAN!"

Tia's reluctant to go, because she thinks I will yell "THIS IS SPARTA!" at random interludes throughout the movie. I can't say that her fear is entirely unfounded.

qtilla said...

You will be too entranced by the awesome for any unrelated bellowing.

Oh and stay past the end of the credits for, as we nerds say, "OMG, the most awesome thing ever, hands down!"

Drew said...

Your predictions have come to light. Indeed, I spent several long agonizing minutes as the credit started to roll, waiting for the clip I heard about in the end while my bladder faced impending explosion due to the uber-large 'Medium" drink that I ordered.