Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Family Dinner- Grandma's Death Yard

As previously reported, I have started semi-covertly recording Sunday Family Dinner at my uncle's house. The usual suspects are all present and the topic is dangerous animal attack incidents at Ye Olde Schnauzer Ranch, aka Grandma and Grandpa (Roy)'s house.

Perhaps this will give you a wee little taste of what it is like to grow up in this family.... (By which I mean... awesome.)

Totally SFW if you're allowed to fritter away your time in this manner.

Recorded on April 6, 2008.


Drew said...

Awsome. You should cram them all into a little Dog carrier and bring them with you when you come to see the Dr. Pepper plant.

qtilla said...

I already know that Jessica will fit in my standard sized suitcase. Years ago I brought it over to the house and Jess declared that it was huge. Mel then said, "I bet you could fit in that."
So Jess climbed in and then we zipped her up and sat on the suitcase.

The end.

Drew said...

Yea. Big suitcases are handy. Tia can fit in mine, so I can save some money on airfare and fit her in my checked baggage.