Thursday, May 29, 2008

SUC's Helpful Hints: Moving Edition

When labeling a box containing sheets, towels, and a rolling pin, do not label it “Kitchen”. You can live without a rolling pin, but you can’t shower without a towel. Well, I guess you can shower, but you can’t slide pants across a wet ass.

The move is complete. In fact I’m very nearly unpacked. It was not quite the Rats of NYMH-style epic house moving adventure that I had preconceived, as there were no blood thirsty evil cats trying to devour me, (that I know of).

House warming gifts may be sent to:

Quiana von Awesome
42 Awesome Blvd.
Awesome Town, WA 29766

No wind chimes please, as we totally already have one.

1 comment:

Ferretnick said...

No windchimes?
Darn, I'll have to retun it now....