Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I’m singlehandedly bringing sexy back.

By which I mean I am sick. Again.

Hence the lack of blog. I would conjecture that one of two things is occurring:

  1. Jesus hates me.
  2. Jesus loves me and is building up a resistance to the mega-zombie plague which will wipe all you suckers out.

In other “news” I need to use 8 vacation days before September 1 or loose them. Someone supply me with awesome and inexpensive vacation plans.

That’s all I’ve got. Off to blow my nose now.

Have a nice day. Thank you, come again.


cymberleah said...

Awesome + inexpensive? Camping at Baker Lake, or anywhere in the North Cascades.

Camping at/driving along the Pacific Coast of the Olympic peninsula. Especially fun if you take the ferry over.

Drew said...

I don't know about cost wise, but if you make it down this way to tour the Dr. Pepper plant, I can make sure that you've got lodging, and perhaps a fair amount of food taken care of.

Tia's got a house that she's at maybe twice a week, if that... cause the rest of the time she's at my spot. I'm sure she'd be down with letting you use it for a week or so. If her roommate's not cool with that, then you're welcome to use my effeciency, and we'll just crash over there. Either way, free lodging. The Dr. Pepper plant is a few hours drive from here, but the tour's like 45 minutes at most, so it'd be a day trip.

More live music here than you can handle on almost any night of the week (My advise, try to coincide with the Flame Trick Subs,, as well as caves, caverns, bats, cowboys, hiking, boating, and tubing to do around here too. Speaking of Tubing, there's a bad-assed waterpark called Schlitterbahn an hour or so away. ( ). Make sure you bring sunscreen... Also, lots of good german food in the area.

Oh, and Tia's got a giant grill that's constructed out of two bathtubs. You could cook Steve in it, whole. So make sure you bring him! I'll make the marinade.

This town is a blast, and you can have a ton of fun for fairly cheap.

qtilla said...

Kim: I like camping. That is a great idea!

Drew: Is roasting Steve really a cost saving measure? Who will come over and get things from the shelf above my fridge? Or drive me to the auto shop when my car is possessed by Satan?
And does roast Steve go with Dr. Pepper?

Drew said...

Roasting Steve a cost saving measure? Hell no! Do you have any idea how much it would cost in terms of time and money to marinate and butcher him for his juciest parts? No, no... Cannablism is for fun, not profit!

And of coarse roast Steve goes well with Dr. Pepper. I'm sure we could make Steve-on-a-stick to take with us to the factory.

As for Steve's usefullness... We don't *have* to roast him. If his utility as a human slave outweighs the delicous benifit of steve-as-food, then by all means, keep him around.

I'm just saying that we have the capability. And this plating plant can dissolve bones. So we could totally get away with it.

qtilla said...

Well it is always good to have options- especially for the grill.