Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Family Sunday Dinner- Bear Attacks and Whatnot

Recorded 4/6/8.

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Drew said...

A whole lotta of good that did me.

You need to start video taping these things, because I don't know how to run if an allegator's chasing me, and now I'm doomed.


Steve said...

I don't know if you're supposed to curl into a ball, make yourself bigger than the bear, or use your "feign death" skill, but I know you're NOT supposed to run. It triggers their prey/predator response and they WILL chase you, and bears are pretty damn fast. Although I heard that they suck at running down hills, due to their front legs being weaker than their back (unsubstantiated)

qtilla said...

Drew, run like this:
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ (In a zig zag pattern.)

Steve, I appreciated your honesty in admitting your amateur bear expert status.

Drew said...

At philmont, they always told us to make as much noise as we could while we hiked, because Bears generally don't like it, and will stay away...

And they told us that if we were confronted by one, face it profile, crouch slightly, and place your hands out... Kinda like you were mounting an imaginary sexual partner, only without the pelvic thrusts. I forget if they said to stay quiet or yell... But all I remember is thinking... "What, am I showing the bear how yummy I am?".

As an aside... As a Troll Hunter, I did use my fiegn death skill to escape aggro from bears on a regular basis. It is a very usefull skill to have, and it makes the Hunter one of the best PvM classes out there.