Thursday, May 01, 2008


1. Some random blog (can't remember which-sorry!) alerted me to this footage of boomerangs in space. So if you're a nerd, that's pretty neat.

2. I'm seeing Iron Man tonight, and I am getting pretty excited! I had to do my "I'm gonna see Iron Man tonight"-dance and my coworkers were amazed. Said one, "I have no idea what that is, but you're certainly excited."
Yes. Yes, I am. (You ignorant ass-muppet!) (Kidding!) (Not really!)
Ah the delightful culmination of all my dreams. Tee hee!

3. I think I have finally determined how to get Family Sunday Dinner excerpts to play on the blog. Now I just need to cut them to awesome nibblets.

4. My stuff is all very heavy and in the way of important things like the fridge and the bathroom. I am becoming eager to move my box city to a new location, such as not in my god damned way.

Here is the official list of why it will be awesome to move.
1. Parking for me.
2. Parking for other people.
3. Twelve minute round trip commute.
4. Possibility of biking to work.
5. Walking distance to stores at which I can afford to buy food.
6. Live-in spider-killer.
7. People will not steal my newspaper anymore.
8. No upstairs neighbor.
9. No crazy landlord... I hope. (Kidding!!)
10. Five minutes from Sunday Family Dinner.
11. New gold fish?
12. Can join a CSA.
13. Bigger kitchen.
14. Not living alone, a mile from Aurora, on the first floor, with no security system, or attack ninjas.
15. Closer to The Comic Stop.
16. Nice springy track at a nearby school.
17. Closer to dogsitting clients.

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