Friday, November 30, 2007

Watchmen Update

Thanks to Grey's Anatomy being a repeat, I was able to read two entire never-before-read pages. Yes two entire pages of words- and I kinda was interested. However a disk of Numb3rs arrived and I had to take care of that....

I also ate the entirety of the remaining Ambrosia. And in hopefully unrelated news my pants felt tight this morning, not muffin top tight, but tighter than expected.

Yesterday a head hunter called about a job in the very department in which these young ladies work. The job seems pretty interesting, but I don't think I could successfully pretend to like them as well as I do my current coworkers. And the more I think of it, the more realize that these are the sorts of people I would work with at any investment banking firm or law office. When putting it into that perspective, I'd rather work in a place where people care less about who made your shoes and more about doing something worthwhile in life. Identity crisis semi-averted.

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