Monday, November 19, 2007

7 Random Things

Seven Random Things List as prompted.

1. I read cookbooks for fun. I even tab them, and then rarely look at them again.

2. My least favorite thing is losing something; I am prone to fits of anger when I can’t find an object that I feel I should be able to find. I can destroy an entire room in less than ten minutes on a serious hunt for my keys or my passport.

3. I’m scared to give blood. I didn’t used to be able to, but now I can but won’t.

4. Sometimes on weekends I tell my friends that I have plans for the night and then turn off my phone and sit at home to catch up on my reading or watch tv.

5. I find it nearly impossible to break up with boyfriends. I am not afraid of conflict, but I hate disappointment. I limped through the last 3 months of my last “real” relationship (possibly scarring me for life; causing me to be terrified of additional entanglements from which I will be unable to uhm… untangle myself), and have dated people off and on for years out the sheer desire not to discuss ‘feelings’. I also hate being yelled at and will avoid it at all costs, so that certainly doesn't help.

6. I have no plans of any kind for my future. I am absolutely living in the moment and feel very uncomfortable about this. Sometimes I wonder if this is a direct reaction to familial pressure.

7. I don’t like chocolate. Or rather I think chocolate is fine, but given the choice I will choose berries or cinnamon.

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DawnOfTheRead said...

Regarding #4 - I had the best time yesterday just doing things around the house, watching the first season of Heroes and playing Guitar Hero (borrowed from work).

I also hate losing things.