Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloweeeeeeeeeeenies #1

Saturday Addy, Steve, Angie and I all attended Andrew and Angela's awesome Annual Halloween Bash.

Here are some pix:

Steve at Wendy's. As Wendy. The workers there were most tickled, but my inside pictures did not come out well.

Speed hump ahead, 20 miles per hour! That's a lot of friction.
Pictured: Steve, me as Max from Where the Wild Things Are, and Addy as a sexy pirate. Ok fine, a regular pirate.

Here you will see Angie as Britney Spears, Jess as a naughty nurse, and me.

I believe RAWWWWR is the caption for this picture!

Angie- note the amazing ink, done by yours truly.

A bosom. Now pay me the $20, Steve.

Steve after a few beverages....

Holy crap! It's my giant ass!

The trouble with tribbles.

Who's the real Max?
Option #1:

Option #2:


Drew said...

w00t. Now I have a picture of you for your contact on my phone!

qtilla said...

You picked the giant ass one didn't you?

Drew said...

No, no. While you do have a fine ass, if I were going to have it on my cell-phone, it would need to be front and center. I actually took the one captioned "Rawr".

cymberleah said...

Just be glad it wasn't the bosom. Because really, someone answering when your breasts call would be really odd.

qtilla said...

I think it would be more weird for me to masquerade as Addy's breasts when I call Drew.

Although I should be so lucky that those would be my bosoms. If mine are Chihuahuas, those are Great Danes.

Clarification, perfectly shaped, adorable chihuahuas.

Drew said...

Holy shit! Those are addy's breasts? Nothing like having your best friend's girlfriend's tits pop up on your phone when he calls you.

(Love the double possessive. Ha!)

cymberleah said...

Apparently I fail at bosom identification.

This does not actually bother me.

qtilla said...

That's strange, my breasts feel slighted.

Dawn of the Read said...

I want my tail back!

qtilla said...

You have to catch me first! Coffee soon?