Thursday, November 08, 2007

A few of my least favorite things:

Doing things twice.

Being yelled at.

Running late.

Being told that another word for 'taint' is 'grundle' which is disturbingly close to my new favorite word, 'gruntle.'

Things that have occurred today. Sad panda.


Drew said...

Pobricito. Aqui. Tengas un pictura de gato.

cymberleah said...

I fail.

I didn't find that cat at all.

Keep using gruntled. Giving it up would be like not saying duck because it rhymes with something naughty.

Also, I'm so with you on the running late. The only way my commute to work could have taken longer would have been a) an accident b) a closed road, or c) a ticket. And as I spent 98% of my commute driving 5+ under the speed limit, a ticket wasn't something I was worried about. GAH. DRIVING.

Jim said...

This may cheer you up. Or kill you, if you try it. One of the two. Die happy?


qtilla said...

Drew: Sad Quiana, here something picture cat?

Jim: It did cheer me up. I have no interest in aerosol cheez, but I am intrigued by the hot dog bacon wrap combo. I might skip the deep fried part and just BBQ it. yum.

Drew said...

Drew's Spanish Translation*

"Poor baby. Here. Have a picture of a cat."

*(May or may not be an accurate translation of spanish, nor any other language. Not that it matters... The author is aware that he is blissfully unaware, and doesn't care. It's a rare case of having your cake and eating it too.)

PalinDrome said...

For the Nerdcore -

"The Cake is a Lie"