Monday, November 05, 2007

Tarnishing my hipster street cred

Today a NPR article reminded me of my secret shame... I have not seen the entirety of Donnie Darko. If anyone is up for terrifying bunnies and liquor, let me know.
Perhaps this can be the start of a 'I can't believe you've never seen that movie' movie night.


steve said...

I've been wanting to watch that again. I'll gladly watch a terrifying bunny again. I can't remember, was Drew Barrymore inexplicably in that movie?

qtilla said...

Yes. This is because everyone was inexplicably in this movie:
1. Seth Rogan
2. Both Gyllenhaals
3. Noah Wylie
4. The girl who plays the creepy youngest wife of the scary Mormon gangster in Big Love, who is ALSO the voice of Lilo (of '& Stich' fame) She has an awesome singing voice.
5. Mary McDonnell, President Roslin off of Battlestar Gallactica
6. James Duval- who you should recognize from Go, the movie you borrowed for two years. And he was in ID4 with Mary McDonnell.
7. The blond chick from that disturbing kids show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and HS Musical
8. That chick who played Lydia in the new P&P
9. and most importantly the master himself, Patrick Swayze.

Yes, I did have to look it up on IMDB, but I just wanted to confirm my understanding so that haters (Paul) didn't poke holes in my comment.

Drew said...

I used to own that movie. I heard it was coming out as a musical, which actually sounds absolutely horrifying on a number of levels.

technogreek said...

I've also never completely seen the flick, so count me in. I also like the idea of a weekly(ish) "movies you should have seen but for some reason haven't" night. I'm in!

PalinDrome said...

I still own this movie and a couple of other overlooked "classics" that I could provide:

- Cube (2 and 3 are skipable)
- Primer
- Night Watch (but not Day Watch)

qtilla said...

I've never seen Primer- although I did bring it home and let it sit *next* my DVD player for a while.

I'd be up to see Night Watch again. Maybe two viewings will make it make more sense to me. No insult intended, as I liked it anyway.

I have also seen Cube and would watch it again if there was need.

OH! I suddenly remembered why I never finished Donnie Darko- Drew Barrymore's performance as a TEACHER was so staggeringly bad. After taking another look at IMDB I notice that she co-produced it.