Monday, November 05, 2007

As the bacon turns

I thought I might catch my readers up on things afoot in the world of Quiana.

Friday night Steve had an *awesome* Day of the Dead party, at which my grandpa was representing the dead. I could picture him at the party, smoking a cigarette and drinking our expensive beer whilst grumbling, "God damned yuppies, where's the MGD?"
I had an awesome time and greatly enjoyed the liquid nitrogen ice cream and related frosty shenanigans. [Note to readers: if you want to be the coolest person at a party, bring liquid nitrogen.] We also watched the kiwi film, Black Sheep, about which I have extreme mixed feelings. Between the squeaking/eye covering and the tequila the film was a blur. A blur with lots of hilarious fake gore. Good times.

Saturday I went to a craft fair, coached my amateur robotics squad, volunteered for Citizens for Schools, and then attended 2 parties with my cousin Melanie. One party was the costume party I mentioned Friday. It was not our thing, so we cut out early to go to George's Guitar Hero party. I learned two things there:
1. Stuffed crust pizza is weird.
2. I need some practice at Guitar Hero before I attend another such event.
Melanie learned that not all of Quiana's friends are pretentious hipsters. Go team Comic Stop!

Sunday I had coffee with Steve then I practiced guitar hero with my cousin Sean for a few (try 5) hours, prepped to teach my tutoring kid about the French revolution, and watched half of the film 'KAW'. KAW=Blah.

That was my awesome weekend.
What did you guys do on your awesome weekend?


Drew said...

Damn guitar hero. I picked up gh3 for my wii, and I spent something like 2 hours trying to beat The Devil in a battle in "The Devil Comes Down To Georgia" on medium. I finally beat it, then woefully lamented the time that could have been spent studying. Now, I feel compelled to master the fifth button on the hard setting.

qtilla said...

Sad panda, I just felt good about breaking 80% on easy.
I'm going to hold my cousin hostage again tonight... I mean practice some more.
Let's see if I can't continue having fun trying to type with gaming claw.

Drew said...

Heh. Gaming claw is the same feeling I get in my fret hand after practicing on the guitar for a few hours.

One of my pet peeves is when people say "Why not just learn how to play the real guitar" when refering to guitar hero.

Meh, screw them. I know how to play the real guitar (kinda), and I can safely say that playing has been a minor boon. It's really strengthened up my fret hand, and it's developed a little bit more speed. I'm more of a rythem guitar type of guy, mostly because I've been a little scared of tackling lead guitar style solo's. I can now hit some of those chords better than I could before I geeked out for hours on end, and my finger speed's a little faster. Now I just need to go back to the real guitar and work on my fret accuracy.

qtilla said...

I find that my meager guitar knowledge is very bad for my GH playing; but I have no idea how it would affect my actual guitar playing. Surely it would strengthen my fingers at least.

drew said...

Heh, I agree. My guitar skills really hurt my gh performance. Especially on the easier levels. On hard its not so bad, I think, because you're mostly mimicing chords and hammer ons.