Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shifty Squirrels for Shifty Girls

Shifty Squirrels:
3 Hurt In Squirrel Attack At SJ's Evergreen School
Nature attacks pig-tailed school girls.

Shifty Girls:
Uhm... me.
So I feel a little uncomfortable about my blogging of my honest feelings about family gatherings yesterday. A little grinchy and grumbly, and just a bit curmudgeonly. I don't know. I won't say that it threw me into a funk, but maybe just a little bit. Perhaps the truth is not nice and the world needs all the bullshit to continue spinning smoothly.
On the other other hand, I don't think that feminists throughout the ages busted their asses so that woman could vote and go to work, and then cruise home and do everything else too. Bah, whatever, I will shut up before digging myself a new hole to fall into.


Jim said...

Parte the Firste: The thing that really gets me about that squirrel attack is that three people were injured. Usually it's just somebody who gets between the animal and freedom, but this little bastard actually followed up and took on the (presumably) two biggest threats in the room, as opposed to either thinning the herd by attacking the weak (children) or hauling ass to get outside.

Parte the Seconde: If you want your blog to be just a bunch of amusing links, well, fair enough. Me personally, I'm not a huge fan of confrontation in general, in real life, but I feel like I need one place I can be uncensored and honest about what's on my mind. You shouldn't feel bad if how you feel could upset others; frankly, it sounds like anyone that could take your previous post personally, should take your previous post personally. And in the interest of full disclosure, in my own family Thanksgiving this year, I think I was a little guilty of what you wrote about, and now that I'm a bit more consciously aware that I allowed myself to do that, I'm really a bit embarrassed. So because of you, that will not be the case at Christmas, or any other pending family functions in the near future. So thank you for the kick in the pants, even if it wasn't intended for me. And even if you feel guilty about it (which, I reiterate, you shouldn't). :)


qtilla said...

I need to put more effort into responding to comments people leave. This will encourage people to leave comments instead of emailing me.
Friends, are you blog-incompetent? Quit emailing me. Don't be scared to publicize your opinion... I'm certainly not.

Now what was I doing? Oh yes.

1. That is how squirrels roll. You're a big dude; watch out in squirrel attack situations as there is tactical advantage to attacking the most dangerous target first.

2. As much as I am not nervous about confrontation, I am nervous about being a jerk. I can be too abrupt and thoughtless, which when combined with my somewhat aggressive and direct personality can be *disastrous.*
Though you are probably right. Any lazy monkey who would get mad about me calling them lazy could use a kick in the butt.