Friday, November 03, 2006

Stranger than Fiction

Last Wendesday Chouski and I went to see the sneak preview of Stranger than Fiction, starring Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell.
Now, yes, I know I may have said on occasion that I don't go to Will Ferrell movies on account of him not being uhm, funny. However, this movie was a dramady and as it turns out Ferrell is a good actor (despite him usually being in unfunny movies).
In the movie, Thompson is a brilliant writer who has been stuck working on the same book for ten years. Ferrell is a tax agent who lives an incredibly regulated life until the day he begins to hear the voice of Thompson narrating her book, which is about him. While initially Ferrell merely fears for his sanity, his fears take on greater urgency when Thompson slips in a narration about his immanent death.
I liked everything in the movie. It was well written, well directed, and very well acted. Even the minutest of characters was interesting. It was unique and refreshing. When it was funny, and it was often subtly funny, it was funny enough to laugh aloud. When it was sad, it brought tears to my eyes.
It was a beautiful and memorable movie that reminds us to let a little art into our lives-- before it's too late.

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technogreek said...

Sounds awesome, I hadn't heard much about it but I'll make a point to check it out.