Monday, November 27, 2006

20 Pounds of Meat = Good Times

Thanksgiving was nice and boring, the way I like it. As was Thanksgiving 2.0 held at my uncle's home shortly after. Know what is better than 20 pounds of meat on Thursday? Another 20 pounds of meat on Saturday.
However the weekend was fraught with the sorrows that frozen water brings.
"Come out and have cannolli, come out and go shopping," cried my loved ones. Were they not aware of the frozen water that was falling from the sky? Did it not occur to them that it is cold enough to freeze water- water the very same abundant natural resource that makes up 75% of my mass?
No, I stayed home and ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches while watching West Wing and Numb3rs in my monkey pajamas. I am quite the saucy minx.
Rawr, still single boys.

Update! Yes, I know that the TV show Numb3rs has a three in it. I just didn't give a damn. Still don't. Thank God for comment moderation.

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