Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adam Corolla actually reports real news- so long as the news includes anal sex.

What is Ted Haggard up to?

This morning on 107.7 The End, Seattle’s Original Alternative, which normally I would never listen to, Adam Corolla was interviewing Mike Jones, the gay escort who outed Ted Haggard. Corolla, beyond poo jokes, actually had insightful questions, including why Jones outed Haggard, and specifically did he plan it for the election?

Jones basically explained that he found out who Haggard was when he was watching the History Channel about 6 months ago and Haggard appeared on screen explaining the end times. The next morning at the gym Haggard appeared on TV again, this time on the crazy religious channel. After researching Haggard, Jones became a bit ticked off. So he outed him, admitting on air that he did do it before the election on purpose; but that it is his prerogative to do so. Revealing information before an election on purpose does not make it untrue.

Additionally, now his entire family knows that he was a prostitute and he basically unemployed and unemployable.

I kind of respect Jones for taking a stand. And I kind of respect Corolla for putting effort into being a halfway decent interviewer.

Put them together and you have a whole respectable person.

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