Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Paragraph 175

Last night I watched an excellent documentary about the persecution of homosexual men in Nazi Germany.
I was really hit when a quote from Himmler was read and it was nearly identical to what I recently heard on a debate about gay marriage. Himmler said that gays do not contribute to Germany because they do not produce more Germans.
I bet if we could find both quotes, we could wreck someone's career.
The preposterousness of this statement amazes me. Republicans are always going on about Welfare Mothers. Well make up your minds assholes.
I was very saddened and incredibly touched by the interviews with aged homosexual concentration camp survivors. Be sure to watch the additional interviews- one was quite amazing. Paragraph 175 is a great movie, but will leave you heart-sick.

People are capable of beautiful acts of kindness and simultaneously such terrifying acts of needless violence- I can't comprehend how we get there. In ancient Rome and Egypt political change was brought about by roaming thugs rioting and pulling people from their homes and putting their heads and stakes. But has that really changed? All over the world armed bands still enforce their views on a predominately terrified public. At the same time as I buy 300$ handbags and children go to summer camp and play X-Box.

I don't understand.

In other thoughts on Nazis. I'm glad nobody successfully assassinated Hitler. Had he died earlier, his strategic advisers would have rolled ahead with their plans, almost certainly winning the war.

The penguins don't have much to do with anything. I just think 'more penguins, less Hitler,' that's my new motto. We all need baby penguins sometimes.

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